Be Confident in What Makes You Unique

Discover your natural gifts and abilities!

The Highlands Ability Battery (HAB) is an online assessment tool with 19 measurements that identify your unique natural abilities. It provides robust information about career fields that utilize your natural abilities. This self-awareness is an excellent foundation for college and career decision making. 

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Most of us hope for a meaningful life and career that is fulfilling and rewarding.  There are so many options!  How to choose?  Starting with your natural abilities, you can hone in on career fields and areas of study that are a natural fit.  Let me help you “connect the dots” and have confidence in knowing what you have to offer the world.

The HAB is the most robust career assessment tool I have encountered in 38 years in higher education.

•The HAB is only available through a certified Highlands Career Consultant (HCC).

•The two-hour debrief with me as your HCC is a built-in part of the process. 

•This required two-hour consultation ensures that you are well-served with a professional explanation of your results and how to best use them. 

Ongoing consultation services are available if you would like to process your thinking while on your college or career journey!

Why You’ll Love HAB

You are a uniquely gifted person with specific God-given natural abilities/aptitudes. 

•The HAB helps you understand what you naturally do well and provides a solid foundation and compass for thinking about your life and career. 

•In the two-hour debrief, we will weave in your interests, skills, personal style, values, family and goals as part of the career decision making process.

•The Highlands Whole Person Model recognizes the many inter-connected parts that make up YOU!

About Kim

Fun fact!  The name of my practice, KimE Career Consulting, is in honor of my Macedonian heritage–my grandfather’s name was Kime!  Of course, it is also my first name and the initial of my last name.

    Photos courtesy of Kent Ernsting