About Kim

Hi! I am Kim Ernsting and have been married for 39 years! I have two sons in their twenties and two grandchildren. I live in Fairfield, OH

I have over 38 years of experience working with college students in the fields of career development, academic advising, interdisciplinary major design, and student success. I have a Master’s degree in College Student Development from Miami University (OH) and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Wheaton College (IL).  I have worked at Gordon College, Boston College, the University of LaVerne and Miami University.

I thoroughly enjoy working with students, both traditional age college students (18-24 years old) and older adult students.  The most rewarding aspect of my career in higher education has been listening carefully and asking students targeted questions that guide them in thinking about the intersections of their natural abilities/gifts, life experiences, fields of study, experiences, opportunities, and hopes and dreams for the future.  This often includes “connecting the dots” that have been part of the plotline of each person’s life journey.

When I learned about the Highlands Ability Battery (HAB), I discovered that it is the elusive missing puzzle piece in the career/major decision-making process. It is more than simply a subjective idea of what we think our skills/abilities might be; it is an objective measurement of what we naturally do so well that we are often not even aware of it as an ability–we just assume everyone can do it. Not the case! We are each uniquely gifted and this foundational information can help us move toward more informed decision-making and ultimately a more fulfilling life and career!

I became a Highlands Certified Consultant because I believe it is an invaluable tool in the career development process. I am excited to be certified to offer the HAB to anyone who is searching for life direction. It is a life-long advantage to understand your natural abilities/aptitudes and to build on the information throughout your life and career.  I hope to have the opportunity to share the HAB with you!

Let’s talk about your future.

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