Adults/Career Changers

What’s your path?

It is not unusual to be in a job or career and discover that it is not fulfilling or enjoyable.  There are many reasons that this may be the case: the work itself, the work environment, the type of industry, and your success in the position.  It may be that you completed a college degree in the liberal arts and have trouble articulating what you have to offer in specific careers.  Or you may have a degree in a specific field that you no longer find interesting.  Now what?   The HAB provides you with objective insight into what you naturally do well and provides links to job families and job titles/descriptions that are a good match for your natural abilities.  I will work with you to “connect the dots” between your natural abilities, what you have learned in your job(s) along the way, and how to promote yourself into positions that capitalize on your natural abilities and incorporate the Highlands Whole Person Model.

Let’s talk about your future.

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