Highlands Ability Battery

Highlands Ability Battery (HAB)

•It is a totally online assessment.

•The Battery, or set of tasks, refers to the 19 worksamples and information provided by the HAB

•Each worksample is a timed, objective task (see a sample report in Resources)

•Each worksample measures a specific natural ability and gives your score on a continuum (low, mid-range, high). 

•It takes three hours to complete the HAB and it is not recommended that you take it all at once. 

•The HAB also assists you in determining how you learn, solve problems, and view the world.


•It is the only objective assessment instrument that measures natural abilities and requires a two-hour debrief to discuss the results.

•It enables you to be a good steward of your resources and time by providing insight and suggestions for making informed decisions about college majors and career options.

•Your HAB results are relevant throughout your career and lifetime and may provide new insights in new situations.

•The descriptions of how your abilities work together can be used in job interviews to talk about your natural abilities and what you bring to the job.

•You have access to your reports forever—keep track of your login information!

Beneficial Investment

•Completion of the HAB is an investment in yourself. The price is $400 to take the online three-hour assessment and receive the two-hour debrief.  The two-hour debrief can be done over the phone or in-person depending on your location.

•Once you complete the online assessment, you will have immediate access to reports/results, including your Confidential Report and Highlands Customized Career Exploration Supplement, which we will discuss during your two-hour debrief session.

•Payment may be made using a credit card, a check/money order, or Venmo.

Let’s talk about your future.

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